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What is LinkedIn? And why should you use it?

Today there are many social media platforms – like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – all offering the chance to network. But only LinkedIn offers a purely business network where members can find out more about your professional situation. (more…)

Data privacy scandal and the #DeleteFacebook campaign

Facebook - Cambridge AnalyticaProbably a few of you may not have heard about the #DeleteFacebook campaign that has been trending on every social media in the last few days.

Facebook had more than $50Bn wiped out from the stock market as the news spread about the data scandal their name got involved in with another company leading this called Cambridge Analytica.


Cognitive Networking: Makes Dreams Come True

Action brings about change: What can you do if you want to optimise your networking practice? A good starting point is the mantra “Action brings about change”. But you should change a few aspects of yourself if you want to change people around you.  (more…)

Strategy Around Networking

Most of us let chance decide what our networks should be like. It means that we establish the contacts we run across by chance. In short, we lose control of our goals and effort. When we are not focused, we tend to establish lots of accidental contacts that are not very close and hence not constructive.  (more…)

3 Ways to Optimize Your Social Media Content to Engage People

Your social media marketing campaign isn’t going to be successful if you’re unable to engage your audience. Looking for ways to engage more people through social media? Here are a few tips to help you optimize your content:  (more…)

Step by Step Strategy to Start and Grow a YouTube Channel for your Business


The statistics surrounding YouTube are undeniable. One billion users. 323 days’ worth of YouTube video are watched every minute on Facebook alone. But the most shocking statistic of all is that just 9 percent of small businesses take the relatively easy steps of creating and growing a YouTube channel, a move which could quickly improve their business.  (more…)

People you should never add on LinkedIn

networking 1 The article is based on “Mastering LinkedIn”

You have just had your LinkedIn profile for a few months and one day you get an invitation to connect from a random stranger. What do you do? This can be a daunting situation for a LinkedIn newbie, but don’t panic we have got some tips for you.

Karen Brown, author of the ebook Mastering LinkedIn suggests to assess the person’s profile first, if you receive an invitation on LinkedIn from someone you don’t know. “Whilst it’s flattering to be asked to connect with someone, there are a couple of things to consider when deciding whether to accept an invitation or not,” says Karen.

Author Renee Robinson on the art of communication

Communicating with Technology interviewed author Dr Renee Robinson

Whether you like it or not, there is practically no way of avoiding technology. This is true in life and in the classroom. Have a look at our latest interview of Dr Renee Robinson, author of Communicating with Technology.


1. Whether with technology or without, what makes a good communicator?  (more…)

How to make great connections on LinkedIn

Mastering LinkedIn This article is based on the eBook “Mastering LinkedIn” by Karen Brown

Setting up a LinkedIn account and using it in the most effective way is not always easy. One of the important features of LinkedIn is the power of connecting its users. Many people forget that LinkedIn is first and foremost a social network, and, once you have set up your profile, then the main reason for using LinkedIn is to build up connections that will help you in your future career!  (more…)

7 key reasons you need Social Media and Enterprise Marketing

This article is based on the free eBook "Social Media And Business Intelligence" This article is based on the free eBook “Social Media And Business Intelligence”

Today, Social media is part of the business ecosystem, not separate or autonomous. The question is less of implementation and has more to do with integration into existing business processes.  Beyond that, it has the power to change business in fundamental ways. It is this last point that leads many to think that social media is: new and its own autonomous entity.

First of all, social media is simply the current iteration of the Internet, with user generated content, semantic storage, APIs and far improved parseability via XML/JSON and the community of users as an asset.

Social Media allows a new cultural infrastructure that is more responsive to current and potential customer behaviors. Because this new social internet is becoming so interlinked with the business process, a better term is Enterprise Social Marketing.

Enterprise Social Marketing technologies have rapidly matured and can provide significant value, efficiencies and insight. More compelling is that these tools are giving competitors a cost, authenticity and reach advantage. Let’s list the reasons you need to implement an Enterprise Social Marketing solution.  (more…)